Multiple squadrons of hammerheads, giant manta squadrons, white tip and black tip sharks everywhere, huge sea turtles everywhere, sea lions that come and play with you and your bubbles, dozens of eels and hundreds of rays and everything is HUGE and docile, as though they want you to see them up close and tell the world they have survived. Unless something has changed drastically, Tioman has been considered quite inferior diving locale to its northern neighbors: Perhentians and Redang. The hole itself is around 300m in diameter and around 125m deep. The Yongala is considered one of the best wreck dives in the world. You just can’t include everything in a top10 list. If you like wreck dives it doesn’t get much better. Check these ones out and get diving. Have a look at these best dive spots around the world to help you get diving. Showed us the true beauty of the second biggest reef in the world. 2. Divers can still view the ship’s cargo, incl… Maldives This is one of those beaches that always appear among the best in the world which also offers a cliff diving experience of a lifetime, along with snorkeling activities, so don’t forget to pack your snorkeling fins! Sardine run Lots of hype and I went down to 145 feet, but all I saw were stalactites. BTW: The brazilian governement a few days ago is not asking for visa to come here. While the diving is excellent at shore sites such as Lover’s Point and Breakwater, the best diving is 15 minutes away in Point Lobos National Park. Only 15 scuba-diving buddy groups are allowed into the park each day, ensuring the reefs remain pristine and the marine life unmolested. 5. I have been certified since about 1982 (YMCA, PADI, NAUI,CMAS), over 300 dives–mostly Caribbean but also Red Sea and Fiji. Maybe I should do something about it. Pinetrees Lodge – Australia. was founded in 2009 by the two brothers Torben and Nicolai. Sipadan, probably the first good place I went, but will probably not go back…, Orca and humpback whales, well they are 30 min drive from my place in Norway in the dark period so very few have been snorkeled with them and made OK UW pictures / video… 8. Still very much enjoying every dive and looking forward to contouring my experiences when travel is permitted again…and hopefully meeting some of you when I do! The shear walls of Molokini Island off Maui are breathtaking. Grand Cayman, if you are ok with flipper to mask diving, this is the place for you. Galapagos. Located in the northern section of Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm is known to many as the best wreck dive in the world. Still a lot of dive destinations to discover! The Blue Hole in Belizeis one of the most famous dive sites in the world, and you can probably see why. A scuba diver’s top 10 best diving sites he or she needs to have on their list is inevitable. I have dived most of the sites in Sharm El Sheikh, also SS Thistlegorm, Cenotes in Mexico, the Tajma Ha,crystal clear fresh water and meeting sea water, creating the halocline and Palancar Reef. For non swimmers, Scuba Diving is a must to do water activity at Grande Island in Goa for people who are visiting Goa to view marine life. I couldn’t agree more, there is something special about diving Cenotes and maybe it really is an experience that every diver should sample. 17 Best Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia, 17 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland. 0 item ; Blog; Support * * * * * Connect with us. Vertical Awareness – Niihau. COVID-19 information for our clients. Galapagos Islands the divers mecca! USS Liberty dive site near Tulamben on Bali island, Indonesia has been consistently named as one of the top dive destinations in the world. Several Japanese and American WWII ships . Just beautiful area but tooooo many divers everyday. in terms of ease of use and reliability. I got “Sardin run” on my Bucket list as well. I recommend Dive Komodo, their vessels are excellent and safety is main priority. It is one of the best dives if not the best I have ever done. This one is worth it. Off to Egypt again in a few days…! I would also recommend Navy Pier in Exmouth, Western Australia. 8. 7. Lots of Pelagics, so so visibility but really awesome. It’s a really great list, which one have you done? * Mangrove Point Cozumel has some outstanding diving, but the Cenotes are a game changer. Scuba Regulators: A large Napoleon thought I had food and I touched it from gill to tail — so slimy good! Did 10 other dives with a guy named Ched from Reef Adventures off A!bergris Caye. Looking to head south again this winter, maybe Palau or Raja Ampat. Check it out. I prefer shore based but will do liveaboards at a stretch. From wrecks to reefs: the world’s best dive sites. Cabo San Lucas has some great dives including sea lions. Just another fish out of water, Steve. I haven’t been to any of the featured dive sites. I have been lucky enough to dive 7 out of the 10 on this list, Palau, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bali, Similian, Lembeh, Verde Island, Sipidan, Malaspascua, The Brothers and other lesser dive locations. Scuba diving is mostly explored from the month of October to May. We’re lucky enough to have a holiday house in Dahab, Egypt. Pinetrees Lodge has unique access to some of Australia’s best diving sites. Also consider myself lucky to have dived many different parts of the world and had some magnificent experiences. Diving spot top lists has always been somewhat controversial. WELCOME TO SCUBACARIBE Fun from the Beginning. I’m healthy and ready now to dive back in–after a refresher course, natch–and would love to hear from people who can give me their perspectives on their land-based or liveaboard trips outside the Caribbean, in warm (over 75 degrees F.–I’m a Texan!). Cited as one of the must-visit scuba diving spots in the world; Rangiroa is just an hour’s flight away from Tahiti. It is in East Papua. The ship is 130 meters long, and parts of it can be found as shallow as 5m deep. Sardin Run (almos forgont this one thanks Louise) Komodo 10. Anyone who do this dive should be ashamed od themselves. Diving a gorge is quite unique and therefore this one makes it on the top 10. A wall dive popular with experienced divers. Fins: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Darwin and Wolf. Palau wrecks The intentional wrecks around the world are ok but the real ones are fascinating. . As a popular day trip and liveaboard stop, it’s easily accessible from Sharm El-Sheikh. Agree! I wish I could go Belize or Palu but that gotta be another time. Divers must have 50+ open water dives under their belt to dive here. Currents here can be wild at times, but on a good day you’ll have the show of a lifetime. Luckier still to have dived the (at least at the time, don’t know about now) rarely-dived Saudi side of the Red Sea…wrecks, shallow coral reefs and everything in between with mostly unlimited viz. Sipadan See the Best Wreck Diving in the World list, the Top Dives in Europe or the Best Dives in the Caribbean. Bikini Atoll, Most of my dive site in my bucket list is in Indonesia . Specifically, we are in Bali, near Sanur? CONNECT WITH US. #2 Gallapagos Ecuador. * Secret Manta or Manta Bay Disclaimer. Turtle Bluffs Where in the world will you dive? I’d also love to dive Truk Lagoon Shipwrecks, Micronesia. There’s just so many great dive sites in the world! Bikini Atol Sunk in 1941 after being bombed by 2 German bombers . There are many great dive spot in south as Abrolhos, Arraial do Cabo, Ilha Grande, Sao Paulo Islands and others. Some sites to consider are, The Poor Knights Islands, in new Zealand. I have been to the red sea it was awesome, but my favorite was diving in Madivaru corner in Rasdhoo, Maldives. Said the dive crew absolutely tailored the dives to them. 1 small boat, 2 guides, 4 divers. The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go diving and the holiday resorts along... 3. * Blue Lagoon 3. Vote for your favourite dive sites in the world below. *snorkel snorkel*. Every spring, the snow and ice melts, running down the surrounding hills to fill the lake with crystal clear, green water. The best place in the world for hammerhead shark diving, Bajo Alcyone is a must on any list of the best dive sites accessible by liveaboard. But if i may suggest to include Philippines in your list. This peculiar site is actually a massive marine sinkhole. Komodo I’ve done Ras Mohammed, Sharm El Sheikh; Blue Corner, Palau; Sipadan; the thresher shark dive in Malapascua, Philippines; and some great dives in the Maldives. Browse thousands of locations & get all you need to know - when to go, how to get there, top dive sites and more. Blue corner just tops Sipadan in my book. My best site to scuba dive is Utila from the Bay Island of the coast of Honduras!!❤. Tunnels This week’s dive to the USS Johnston, the world’s deepest shipwreck at 21,180 feet, was the deepest shipwreck dive in history. Best time to dive is between April – June. That looked like 20+ divers flooding those poor confused creatures with lights at a time when they should be feeding or mating. Poor mantas… Check the prices on a Liveaboard trip that passes Thistlegorm, and see if how cheap (or expensive) you can go diving here. Bonaire is great, Belize blue hole fabulous, Grand Cayman and Brac (without the cruise ship crowd), Cozumel walls and Turks and Caicos (pre hurricanes) also all awesome too. Best Time To Go Diving is good all year round with tropical temperatures hovering around 29-30°C. Wolff Island also terrific. Salt Pond Arch Best Megacities Of The World. We just laid there on our backs, BCDs inflated, just admiring the natural beauty of the place. Wetsuits: Pingback: Getting To Know The Best Diving Spots In The World - Feel Cool Breeze Avi D´Souza on September 18, 2013 at 4:51 am said: I have not been to these places but did a first time dive in Roatan in Honduras. PNG Palau, Tubataha, Galapagos, Chuuk lagoon, and PNG sound like cool places to dive, I have in my data base, over 700 dive sites in 33 areas all over Indonesia, and we have over 500 (25 areas) of them compiled into a book: Indonesia Dive Directory. Also if you have tips about various regulators, BCDs, wetsuits, fins I could see sharks, Manta rays, a wide array of fishes at the same time in the same place! Lights set into the ocean floor attract plankton which attracts manta rays. The Maldives I have rambled enough. Compare liveaboards to top 100 diving spots. Maximum depth of this site is 25m+, so there is plenty to explore. Sorry Palau but you ruined it with 35 boats to the same divesites every day. We're a free review guide - run by passionate Divers, Sports and Outdoor fanatics. I really enjoyed diving at Sipadan, but that’s well over 10 years ago. Where in Indonesia do you recommend? We were given the signal to ‘go up’ by the dive leader and it took my breath, a hole in the top of a cave, sunlight entering, bouncing off all the sides of the cave, trees hanging over the top. Raja Ampat Check the prices for Shark and Yolanda Reef. Blue Corner, Palau Husband not interested in liveaboard, though I would try it. Have any of you dived in Eilat, Israel? 4. If you get over that way… Palau and Yap also have spectacular diving!! We would love to find a liveaboard, even with a short flight is fine! 3. Plenty of other places to dive during day time there. 8. In no particular order: getting ready to dive ,Cuba ,around Trinidad ,Ancon beach ,Cienfuegos ,Giron ,Bay of Pigs dose any one have any information ,are advice ,can’t find out much about it ??? Also went to Two Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone but had really bad weather and need to do it again. The world really isn’t big enough . Great Barrier Reef. While unique it just wasn’t all that. According to the experts, this location concentrates 75% of all the species of coral known up to the moment in the world, and as a … Great sea life of all types, both day and night. Located in the oceanic island of Sipadan near the town of Semporna off the East coast, it features an exhilarating 800-meter drop-off and the famous barracuda shoal, which can often be seen swim in a tornado-like formation. not worth however Komodo is best compared to sipadan. Things seem to be picking up here in Dahab. But we’ll worth doing. Check the prices on a trip to the Liberty Ship wreck, Bali, Indonesia. I don’t have a dive bucket list yet, but reading through everyone else’s makes me excited to embark on an adventurous list. I am very happy to read your review. Tulamben, Bali – Credit: Dudarev Mikhail. Liberty wreck, Bali, Indonesia. It does not make the product pricier for you. Great marine life: Manta Rays, Sharks, Barracudas and giant trevallies. I suggest breaking dive lists down into categories. At last a Top Dive Site list I can agree on. What I have done,but not necessarily in order, Both shops are located on the same street in LBJ (Jl Soekarno Hatta). Every dive special for it’s own reason. It was popularized by the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau who actually declared it to be one of the best diving sites in … USAT Liberty wreck. Scuba Diving in Goa is one of the most outstanding water activity in Goa. I collected all their amazing words and pictures into this post. I did number 10 last year, amazing place. It been there for some years now. 4. 6. As an underwater seamount, which rises to 82 feet (25 meters) below the surface, this site attracts dozens of hammerhead sharks throughout the year. Weird Laws from Around the World. Today I bring you the Top 10 Places For Scuba Diving In The World. Hello when it s time to egypt im planning to go after my advance open water padi to sharm maybe this time for blue hole dahab what do u think, I been to Great Barrier Reef .. great place but it disappoint me.. to much money spend but has a diver this not my kind of dive . Red Sea Reef. Looking for a list of the best diving sites to see before hanging up your fins? 2. Cheers Damian. 109 meters of pure wreck diving love. * Temple Wall Pemuteran There is much better diving 15 minutes away at Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Ras Mohammed, Sharm El Sheikh You might think that this is too much of the good diving to be able to afford this trip, but you migh also be surpried at how easy you can go diving here. 7. Komodo is definitely one of the Top best 5 destination like Tahiti !!! Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia See them for yourself Descend to one of the famous diving spots in Bali and explore the underworld beauty around the sunken USS Liberty. Post author By Ben Thompson; Post date 9th April 2021; Whether it’s shipwrecks, coral reefs or an abundance of marine life, diving to the depths of the world’s oceans uncovers a spectacle like no other. SS Thistlegorm – Ras Mohammed, Egypt The best wreck dive in the world, the SS Thistlegorm lies in the northern section of the Red Sea. Not a top 10 destination, but nice shore diving. Thanks for sharing, Louise. A popular liveaboard stop, it’s accessible by both dive safari and day trips from Sharm El-Sheikh. The Galapagos Islands, Darwin’s Islands, based on his “theory of evolution”, which shook the world, presents one of the most incredible marine biospheres on the planet. Read more about Diving in Hawaii and check the prices here. Your email address will not be published. Truly, nothing like I’ve ever done. Rangiroa The only change I would do is find a place for a Komodo dive site – Cauldron, Crystal Rock or Batu Balong – or perhaps Tubbataha reefs Delsan wreck in Philippines. * Napoleon Reef Blue Hole would also be aazing to see but never been to that side off the world. Lots of good ideas here. Every diver should make a trip to the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, to experience these incredible dives. I’ve done Ras Mohammed, Sharm El Sheikh; Blue Corner, Palau; Sipadan; the Thresher shark dive, Malapascua; and the Maldives. Art & Culture. Liberty Wreck – Bali, Indonesia. We’ve been all over the world and the Galapagos took the cake for us. I have done the Tajma Ha a couple of times on occasions that I have been holidaying in Mexico. Malapascua, Philippines 4. I’ve done dives in Dahab (shore dives with great visibility), Ras Mohammed (Shark/Yolanda), Thailand (Phi Phi Islands), Bali (Manta Point, Crystal Bay, USAT Liberty), Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan Honduras (best reefs I’ve ever seen), Belize (Turneffe Atoll), and my home on the shores of Lake Huron, in Michigan. Besides being home to a gigantic lagoon, Rangiroa is one of the largest atolls in the world. Australia has some fantastic cave diving and so does Papa new gunnery although you need to be competent in using mixed gases. There is a reason why the Maldives restricted access for divers to a similar dive site years ago… Another good one is Wicked Diving. Lucky to have done #6 and #10…enjoyed both very much. Mata ray Night dive in Hawaii Sounds like a clear number 10. Yes, You Heard It Right. It is also the first and the only dive guide book with “dive sites classification”. I loved Noronha above and below the surface. I will put Layang Layang, one of the Spratly islands on the list. Mexico is great for people in the U.S. I’m gonna need a barrel! It is a shame that Rio de Janeiro is in a bad moment. For me, no Top 10 is complete without Darwin’s Arch in peak whale shark season. Dauin, macro, Philippines Oh and in case your wondering my Top 5 dives sites are Blue Corner (Palau), Barracuda Point (Sipidan) Manta Ridge (Raja), Gato Island (Malapascua) & Batu Bolong (Komodo), just my opinion and what I saw and experienced on the day.

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