4) Logical Reasoning 5) Computer fundamentals 6) DBMS. Written exam: This section contains basic aptitude questions – logical reasoning, math and english (vocabulary and comprehension). I interviewed at ZS Associates. Phase One: It consisted of 3 sections: (You have to pass each section to get into the next) Online Test: (Only MCQ’s) having 4 sections: Verbal, Logical Reasoning, CS subject quiz, and Aptitude. Zs Associates Virtual Interview is the type of Technical Interview. Positive. Experience. 26 % ... Business Analytics Associate (89) Business Technology Analyst (88) BTA (54) Associate (48) Business Associate (48) Business Technology Associate (45) Consultant (42) It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions. Round 2 – This round included a small case study related to some business scenario where you were required to answer 8-10 MCQ questions based on that in around 30 Minutes. It is an outsourced test conducted by Aspiring Minds. Experience 19 Ratings. This online interview is almost 40-50 mins long and consists of 7-8 video questions and 3-4 written questions. ZS Associates Intern Interview Questions. Industry Coverage: e-commerce, online business; retail. 1st Round is an MCQ Based Assessment 45 questions in the case of (BOA and DAA Roles), only TA Role there would be 55 questions with an addition of 10 Additional Technical Questions specific to the Role - The assessment would be completely “Proctored” Via audio and video to restrict malpractice. ZS Associates visited our campus recently for hiring graduates for 3 roles which were: Business Technology Analyst (For CS, IT and ENTC) Business Operations Associate (Open for … This round is an online video interview that is conducted by ZS Associates on Talview Platform.. These questions are mainly guesstimates, brain teasers, and behavioral questions. Round 2 (Case Study): Interview Experience. It is an outsourced test conducted by Aspiring Minds Tips: NA Round: Case Study Interview Experience: A 10-12 page case study would be given with a lot of data, tables, graphs and you need to solve it in 40 mins. You'll have to be specific with the track wherein you would want to go for an internship, for eg: Business Consulting, Business Technology or Business Operations. I applied through college or university. SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions - Data Engineering Social Club ... Business Technology Solutions Associate - Intern at ZS Tamil Nadu, India. (46 questions 40 minutes) PSDD: Basically a mini business case with different graphs and you have to solve the MCQs based on the same. Consulting Firm: ZS Associates final round full time job interview. Dibyanshu Patnaik. Case Type: marketing strategy. Round: Test Experience: Written exam: This section contains basic aptitude questions – logical reasoning, math and english (vocabulary and comprehension). 69 % Neutral. Interviews at ZS Associates. A Computer Science portal for geeks. Interview. 23 Interview Reviews. Round 3 (Video Interview ) – This was a video interview round where you were supposed to record your answer for about 3 Mins each for 8 – 10 Questions. (10 questions 25 minutes) Company: ZS Associates Profile: Business Analyst Associate. Application. ... Business Technology Analyst at ZS Associates Pune.