It was during this time that word began to … I read on a website that if you spun the Volkswagen Emblem, it would resemble a swastika. I tried this out a while back by spinning the emblem with a drill. The initial Volkswagen logo certainly did feature the well-known letters, but it also featured the Nazi flag in the shape of a swastika and a Nordic rune that was supposed to confer victory in battle. The Volkswagen K?belwagen (bucket/tub car) was a military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen prior to and during World War II for use by the German military. Volkswagen Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models. Volkswagen Logo, History Timeline and Latest Models. 1) The Volkswagen logo was created by Porsche The first ever Volkswagen was developed in 1938 by Ferdinand Porsche, who later went on to create the famous Porsche vehicles. Volkswagen's future vehicles will rely heavily on electrification, and that goes a lot deeper than creating electric versions of classic cars.Coinciding with this more advanced future, Volkswagen has also redesigned its brand logo for the first time in 20 years. The origin of the emblem is however disputed. Volkswagen logo Meaning and History. There are many complete histories of this car posted that I felt that I couldn't do it justice. Volkswagen, one of the best automobile manufacturers in the world, traces its origins way back to 1904. I'll just start it with the following. VW Thing logo Only about 25,000 things were imported by the end of the 1974 model year. Volkswagen (Abkürzung VW) ist die Kernmarke der Volkswagen AG.Ursprung des Markennamens war 1937 das von Adolf Hitler geforderte Projekt zum Bau eines „Volksautos“, das erstmals einer breiten Bevölkerung ein bezahlbares Auto ermöglichen und damit die Massenmotorisierung in Deutschland einleiten sollte. He was in talks with Adolf Hitler to create the cars, who wanted to realise his dream of every German being able to afford a vehicle. Volkswagen doesn’t have the most pleasant history when it comes to its logo. The Volkswagen emblem has become so recognizable over the years that the company is often referred to simply by the initials on the logo: VW. The truth is, of course, far more complicated than “the Nazis founded Volkswagen,” because, really, that’s not exactly true. The emblem of Volkswagen is a combination of letters V and W in a blue background circumscribed by a circle. The History Of The VW Logo From 1937 To Today "The new brand design marks the start of the new era for Volkswagen," Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Brand Board of Management says. It was originally designed in 1938 and underwent significant modifications in 1996 and 2000. Evolution of the Symbol. Description. A history of the Volkswagen logo in four points \ A complete history of the Volkswagen Please click here. The Volkswagen logo is widely credited as one of the most memorable and popular logos in history.